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The Venice publisher was Joseph ben Samuel. Sidrus took the old man under his protection, and built for him a house at Seville, where the books were safely deposited, and thence this one was conveyed to Naples, where it was printed. The king was none the wiser until his own scholars revealed the truth. Ptolemy II emerged from all this work as the proud owner of both a Torah albeit translated and the Book of Jasher. The origins of the Septuagint provide no basis for the existence of a Book of Jasher in antiquity.

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That work in turn was printed successively in various places, including Krakow , Prague , Frankfort-am-Main , and Amsterdam It was translated into Yiddish in and into Latin in Arthur Chiel summarizes what happened:. The report indicated that this was the English version of an ancient Hebrew scroll discovered in Persia in the eighth century, by the renowned English churchman, Alcuin.

Alcuin, who had been summoned to France by Emperor Charlemagne to be his personal counsellor, had learned that the Book of Jasher was to be found in the royal Gazna library. He determined to make the perilous journey to the far-off Persian city where, eventually, in return for heavy payment of gold, he was permitted to study the scroll for a period of three years, and to translate it into English. It was this one thousand year-old English translation that was now being published.

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He, too, had come into possession of the Book of Jasher , the Hebrew text; it had been brought to him by a Jew from North Africa. Moses Samuel went on to say in his letter that he was currently translating the work and preparing a critical edition of it. He conceded that, while certain later additions had been made to it, the core of the work was, indeed, very ancient—perhaps two thousand years old.

It was, in fact, a treatise suited to a scholarly journal. The Book of Jasher was there carefully analyzed and its origins were traced to the twelfth or, perhaps, the eleventh century. It was, in all likelihood, written in Spain by a talented Hebrew. Chiel, ; cf. Singer and Hirsch. But the truth is a bit more complicated as Chiel elaborates once more:. This one was the ingenious product of the pen of Jacob Ilive, a Christian deist, who, with his brothers, Abraham and Isaac, ran a quality printing establishment in London for several decades.

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The Ilives were exponents of a variety of non-conformist ideas, and Jacob became a prolific writer of tracts in which he elaborated their views. In them he inveighed against the doctrine of eternal damnation [and] favored a religion of nature and denied the divinity of Jesus. It was this translation that Philip Rose was re-publishing in It is actually written in the Book of Habakkuk.

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Habakkuk The sun and moon stood still in their habitation: at the light of thine arrows they went, and at the shining of thy glittering spear. Habakkuk was a prophet and therefore one who was upright. The second supposed reference to the Book of Jasher is in 2 Samuel BUT when we look at the book of Jasher this is actually not the case. This statement is not found there either. The statement David taught the children of Judah the use of the bow is not included in the book of Jasher and so this argument simply fails.

But it is this understanding that it must have been, which is what causes the confusion. This is NOT in fact what is being made reference to at all.

So what is it referring to? So where is this song written. O Jonathan, thou wast slain in thine high places. It is not stating that it is written in a separate book. Behold is used to indicate something that needs to be taken notice of, to look upon. Here the word BEHOLD is telling us to take notice of what then follows, which is the very song that it says is written in the book of the Jasher.

When we compare this language to the first reference we see that in the first reference we are posed a question i s not this written in the book of Jasher? We are not told to behold. We have a reference to separate place of where it is written.

But the use of Behold in 2 Samuel brings our attention to what follows, in 2 Samuel. BUT it is preceded by the word AS. Flag as inappropriate. Privacy Policy. See more. Bible with Apocrypha. Daily Bible Apps.

Listen to the entire Book of Jasher read in English by CJ Plog:

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