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Darcy is to regency romance. The Cassiline Brotherhood are not descendents of Cassiel, but an order of bodyguards pledged from noble houses that are considered to be the ultimate protectors.

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Usually they are only in service to those born of the Great Houses i. They dress in grey and carry two daggers and a sword, though mostly they fight with unmatched skill with the two daggers, as their swords are only drawn to kill. The young man standing in the shadows behind me bowed in the traditional manner of the Cassiline Brotherhood, hands crossed before him at chest level.

Warm sunlight gleamed on the steel of his vambraces and the chain-mail that gauntleted the backs of his hands. His twin daggers hung low on his belt and the cruciform hilt of his sword, always worn at the back, rose above his shoulders. He straightened and met my eyes. It is my privilege to attend. He neither looked nor sounded as though he meant it; I saw the line of his jaw harden as he closed his mouth on the words.


It was a beautiful mouth. Indeed, there was very little about Joscelin Verreuil that was not beautiful.

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He had the old-fashioned, noble features of a provincial lord and the somber, ash-grey garb of a Cassiline Brother adorned a tall, well-proportioned form, like the statues of the old Hellene athletes. His eyes were a clear blue, the color of a summer sky, and his hair, caught back in a club at the nape of his neck, was the color of a wheatfield at harvesttime. Joscelin enters the story at a tumultuous time.

But they are of a similar age, and he is assigned to be her protector at a time when she is becoming isolated from those she cares for by their shared mission.

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Joscelin, who is much more careful, is a good foil for her, and proves himself a stalwart companion when the chips are down. It has naught to do with thrones and crowns. Cassiel betrayed God because God Himself had forgotten the duty of love and abandoned Elua ben Yeshua to the whims of Fate. To the point of damnation and beyond, he is the Perfect Companion. The two of them are such a slow-burn, antagonists-to-lovers romance that I could write an entire epic saga in honor to it.

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They both support each other and grow to be capable individuals that fit together. The acceptance of sexuality, desire, and love in this world I would say book, but remember, this series continues on for more than just this one are another reason I love it so. Remember, he starts off a chaste guardian that errs towards restraint rather than passion.

The book is also long , nine-hundred-and-one pages long, which puts the paperback in the category of self-defense brick.

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  • The story is gorgeously written, but with so much of it , I find that every time I read the book new details come to my attention. This romantic epic fantasy:. Did I miss your favorite part? Have you been in love with it as long as I have, or is this your first introduction to it? You can get your copy here. Roz has a degree in both theater and comic books from different ends of the country, and has been telling stories since she was chasing fireflies barefoot at dusk and tormenting her cousins by enforcing a storyline on summer games of tag.

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    She enjoys video games that rival epic sagas in length, writing books with heroines that require her to spar through her fight scenes with friends, and a good cup of tea. No amount of coin will convince Belisare to use her magic, but that never stops her lover Gio from trying to change her mind.

    When convincing the lads of the plan goes poorly and Gio shows up in her tent, Belisare is more than happy for a few hours of distraction. Content Warning: Steamy love scenes, occasionally naughty language, and busty ladies in armor wielding swords. Intended for mature audiences. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. OverDrive uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your experience, monitor our performance, and understand overall usage trends for OverDrive services including OverDrive websites and apps.

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