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Uprightness, friendliness and firmness of5.

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Uprightness, friendliness and firmness of devotion in dealing with othersdevotion in dealing with others 6. Strength of character6. Desire to learn1. Desire to learn 2.

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Effective listening ability2. Effective listening ability 3. Ability to reflect think from all angles 3.

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Ability to reflect think from all angles 4. Ability to reject false views4. Ability to reject false views 5. Intentness on truth not on any person5. If he iswill be equally energetic.

Discoverer of Kautilya’s Arthashastra

If he is slack and lazy in performing hisslack and lazy in performing his duties the subjects will also be lazy,duties the subjects will also be lazy, thereby, eat into his wealth. Besides,thereby, eat into his wealth. Besides, a lazy king will easily fall into thea lazy king will easily fall into the hands of the enemies.

Hence thehands of the enemies. Holding a consultation withconsultation. Holding a consultation with only one, he may not be able to reach aonly one, he may not be able to reach a decision in difficult matters. With moredecision in difficult matters. Intellectual Knowledge 1. Power of enthusiasm and3.

Power of enthusiasm and morale. R page R. R page To know what is not knownTo know what is not known 2. Finding out the rest in a matter which is partly knownFinding out the rest in a matter which is partly known 3. Definite Strengthening of what has become knownDefinite Strengthening of what has become known 4. There should be a focusedThere should be a focused approach to intellectual propertyapproach to intellectual property rights and related issues.

Ourrights and related issues. Our ancient knowledge and cultureancient knowledge and culture too are part of our resource basetoo are part of our resource base and needs to be protected.

Abdul KalamDr. For the sake of the village give up your family; for the sake of country give up the village; for the sake of the world give up the country; for the sake of the lord give up the world… - Chanakya Chandragupta, the first Mauryan King, acquired the throne of the Nandas with the help of Kautilya.

Arthashastra was discovered by R.

1st Edition

Sama Shastri in There are two different opinions regarding the date of this work. However, the similarities between the terms used in Arthashastra and in the Ashokan Edicts suggest that the Mauryan rulers were acquainted with this work. Arthashastra is written in Sanskrit. Kautilya played an important role as Chandragupta's prime minister. He was highly intellectual and well versed in the Hindu religious scriptures. Kautilya was familiar with all branches of administration.

He pleaded for a strong centralized monarchical set-up. To Kautilya, the ideal state was something like a modern welfare state. The Arthashastra is a comprehensive treatise on statecraft and public administration.

It is divided into 15 ' adhikaranas ' or sections, and ' prakaranas ' or chapters. Arthashastra deals with many things such as: -Duties of the king -War and peace -Security of the state and the system of spies -Revenue and taxes -Ministers and their duties -Crime and criminal law -Various government departments -Salaries of officials -Foreign policy of the state.

The Arthashastra enables us to know the nature of the Mauryan Government. ET NOW.

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