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Career Options for Bio Majors

You may even use nanotechnology to study and manipulate food on the molecular level. Food scientists carry out a wide range of duties, depending on their specific job role. Some typical duties may include:. Food scientists require, more or less, the same sorts of skills that most scientists and technologists have.

The Challenge of Pursuing Careers With a Biology Degree at the Undergraduate Level

These include:. You may start out earning less, and earn pay rises as you become more experienced. Some medical laboratory technicians and technologists also collect samples directly from patients. For example, you could become a blood bank technologist, whose job it is to collect, analyze and prepare blood for transfusions.

This will improve as you become more experienced and gain further accreditation. If you care about the environment, this may be the right job for you. Environmental scientists study the environment and learn how to help protect it. You can use your biology degree to help guide the government, businesses and the public on environmental hazards and considerations.

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  • 10 Top Entry-level Jobs for Biology Majors.

This can vary drastically, however, as most sales jobs are based on commission. Forensic science technicians have some of the most interesting entry-level science jobs. They help the police to solve crimes by collecting, analyzing and linking evidence from crime scenes. Visit the American Academy of Forensic Sciences for more information. Your job duties would involve:. It takes a particular type of person to become a successful forensic science technician. You should have:. Zoologists and wildlife biologists are two very similar entry-level life science jobs, both of which involve studying animals.

Zoologists tend to study specific types of animals, while wildlife biologists study broader animal populations and ecosystems. These could include:. You may have to collect samples from animals, observe them in the wild and use technological equipment to track them. Initially, you may begin by assisting senior scientists and carrying out simpler tasks. If you have a genuine love of biology, why not share your passion with the next generation?

It also gives you the opportunity to do field- and lab-based work both during the program itself and afterward, if you pursue certain careers. If this appeals to you, a degree in biology could be a great fit for you. Down the line, a degree into biology can be used to obtain a job working directly in the sciences, doing science-adjacent research or community-building work or even working in a seemingly-unrelated field where scientific knowledge is useful. If you pursue an advanced degree , your employment options are even broader. As in many fields, the salaries of people with biology degrees vary widely based on the person's specialization and career.

Additionally, the type of advanced study required also varies considerably between various jobs.

12 Jobs For Biology Majors | The University Network

The jobs below are some of the most popular career choices for biology degree-holders, but represent only a small sample of the career opportunities available to someone with a biology degree. This is the most obvious biology-related career. If pure research appeals to you and you don't mind the occasionally-lonely nature of conducting your own research, this can be a great career choice. However, it's worth bearing in mind that many researchers do end up having Ph.

If cutting-edge research and development is more your thing, a biochemist job designing and executing studies to develop new products may be a good bet for you. To succeed in this job, you'll need a strong grasp of anatomy and physiology par for the course coming out of a biology program and laboratory experience.

  • Career Options for Bio Majors.
  • Check out these 10 great jobs for biology majors—lab coat optional..
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  • Check out these 10 great jobs for biology majors—lab coat optional.!

If you enjoy lab work, being a biological technician is a great choice. This job involves carrying out studies, documenting their results and performing calculations using the studies' results — all standard skills that you'll develop as a biological major. If you're a people person with a strong science background thanks to your biology degree, you may find that a career in pharmaceutical sales is perfect for you. Pharmaceutical sales representatives travel to hospitals and medical centers to help drug companies sell their medications to those sites. For these people, a strong science background is important so they can explain how drugs work and what their benefits are.

If, over the course of your biology studies, you find that you're fascinated by genetics and like working with people to help them understand their individual genetics, being a genetic counselor could be the right career choice for you. Genetic counselors assess their clients' genetic makeups and advise them on the risks of transmitting genetic diseases or disabilities to their children.

They also work with adults who are concerned about their odds of exhibiting genetic disorders later in life. This field requires a master's degree, so you'll want to pursue further study to become a genetic counselor. If you have strong writing and communication skills in addition to your biology degree, being a health communications specialist could be the perfect job for you. Health communications specialists are usually hired by hospitals, healthcare companies and government agencies to educate communities about public health issues such as communicable diseases, health management and healthy living.

If you enjoy helping others live healthy lives, being a health educator can be a great career choice. To be a successful health educator, you'll need scientific knowledge, a solid understanding of human biology, good verbal communication skills and strong writing skills.

If you enjoy putting biology into practice via medicine, going to medical school to become a doctor or surgeon is the logical next step. While it's a grueling path forward, you'll ultimately be rewarded with a career that helps people live longer, healthier lives. If medical school doesn't appeal to you, but you enjoy medicine, being a physician assistant or nurse practitioner is a great middle ground. These careers require a good grasp of human biological systems, anatomy and physiology to diagnose medical problems, as well as knowledge of the scientific method to interpret new research about treatment options and medications.

Both of these careers require some additional schooling beyond your bachelor's degree, so you will need to be prepared to hit the books again. Because most financial analysts are specialized in specific industries, biology majors are well-suited for working as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical products, health services and environmental analysts. Conservation Scientists are concerned with how fast we are using our natural resources. You might have noticed that we tend to consume faster than we can replace. Environmental scientists are invested in discovering ways to use our natural resources more efficiently.

They are an important part of our future and biology majors are well-suited to become conservations scientists. Botanists study plant life. They apply concepts, procedures, and practices within a specific field. You can become a specialized botanist, who either researches or is a technician of sorts. A botanist may be able to travel and study different regions. Environmental Geologists work to ensure that water supplies and soil remain pure and uncontaminated while making them accessible to the organisms that need them to survive.

As an environmental geologist, your focus is not only on the environment and its relation to wildlife and humans, but also the fossil fuels, minerals, and nonrenewable resources. Law — There are so many fields that biology majors work in once completing school. As stated before, many are not even in the field of science.

Top Jobs for Biology Majors with No Experience

One such field is law. You might want to go onto use your research and scientific knowledge to become a patent and intellectual property lawyer who specializes in the law applications to products like biotechnology products, drugs and medical instruments and more. Biology majors also become environmental attorneys and support or contest environmental projects and policies based on how they impact the ecosystem. Other lawyers specialize in medical malpractice and help to discern whether health professionals have acted competently and ethically. Just as biology majors learn to gather evidence to test hypotheses, litigation attorneys must do the same to build a case for their clients.

Also, the knowledge a biology major gains is another advantage when applying and gathering physical evidence such as DNA. Other jobs suited for biology majors include research assistants, zoologists, financial analysts, jobs in agriculture and more. You can choose the career path that is best suited for you, given your interests and individual expertise.

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