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References Publications referenced by this paper. The invisible crime: A business crime survey.

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British Chambers of Commerce. CSI computer crime and security survey. Comment: Virtual neighborhood watch: Open source software and community policing against cybercrime Benjamin R.

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Gordon , Martin P. Loeb , Lijia Zhou. Computer attack trends challenge Internet security Allen D. Late homework will receive one grade lower than it would have otherwise received if it is submitted no later than at the beginning of the next class meeting after that it will not be accepted. Your two lowest homework grades will be dropped from your homework average.

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Students are expected to do reading assignments prior to class so that they can participate fully in class discussions. Students must submit a short summary sentences and a "highlight" for each chapter or article in the reading assignment. The highlight may be something you found particularly interesting or noteworthy, a question you would like to discuss in class, a point you disagree with, etc.

Students in and are expected to include a summary and highlight for one optional reading of their choice each week.

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All other students are encouraged to review some of the optional readings that they find interesting, but they need not submit summaries or highlights of the optional readings. Each student will be assigned a class lecture to prepare and present. The lecture should be based on the topics covered in that week's reading assignment, but it should go beyond the materials in the required reading. Do not present a lecture that simply summarizes the assigned reading. For example, you might read and present some of the related work mentioned in the reading or that you find on your own the HCISec Bibliography is a good starting point for finding papers , you might present some of the relevant optional reading materials feel free to use relevant materials from other weeks , you might demonstrate software mentioned in the reading, you might critique a design discussed in the reading, or you might design a class exercise for your classmates.

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If the material you present describes a user study, include a detailed description and critique of the study design. As part of your lecture you should prepare several discussion questions and lead a class discussion. You should also introduce your fellow students to terminology and concepts they might not be familiar with that are necessary to understand the material you are presenting.

You should email to the instructor a set of PowerPoint slides including lecture notes and discussion questions.

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These slides will be posted on the class web site. In addition, the instructor may include all or part of your presentation slides and notes in an instructor's guide for future usable privacy and security courses. Any custom settings on the previous NIC persist in the registry but aren't used.

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Static IP address settings are lost after you apply this update. How to get this update.

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