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It takes both a near-term perspective relevant to decision-makers in government and the private sector and a long-term perspective that helps identify how high-level climate policy goals might be met. Working Group III addresses all aspects of mitigation including technical feasibility, cost and the enabling environments that would allow measures to be taken up.

Enabling environments cover policy instruments, governance options and social acceptability. Synergies and trade-offs with adaptation measures are of increasing interest as are co-benefits, risks and links to sustainable development.

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Bureau members provide guidance to the Panel on the scientific and technical aspects of its work, advise on related management and strategic issues, and take decisions on specific issues such as the selection of authors and review editors. Geneva time on Thursday 8 August in Geneva, ….

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Science highlights key facts and figures about growing gap between targets and reality New York, 22 September — The …. Newsletter Blog.

Special Report Global Warming of 1. At … August Geneva time on Thursday 8 August in Geneva, … July Priyadarshi R. Nagmeldin G.

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Private sector engagement in climate change adaptation will be necessary for countries, communities and individuals to meet the climate crisis. Subscribe to IISD's email list to stay up-to-date on the latest news, research and analysis related to sustainable development.

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Climate Change Adaptation Share This. Time to Trade Collective Inertia for Collective Action To get where we need to on climate action, we need to do a lot of things. Read More. Adaptation to Climate Change: Putting people first When we talk about solving the climate crisis, we should have more than just a technical lens; we should also be talking about compassion, grief, fear and hope. Alignment to Advance Climate-Resilient Development: Overview Brief 3 This brief explores country perspectives on alignment of national-level policy processes under the Paris Agreement—specifically, NAPs and NDCs—as a basis for broader alignment toward climate-resilient development.

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How Institutional Arrangements Can Engage Small Businesses in Climate Adaptation Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises need a supportive environment of institutional, legal and policy frameworks to adapt to climate change. Paying For It: How governments can help the private sector overcome financial barriers to investing in adaptation Private sector engagement will be essential to the success of the NAP process, whether through direct financing or active participation in adaptation actions.

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Why Information Sharing is Key to Engaging Businesses in the NAP Process Private sector engagement in climate change adaptation will be necessary for countries, communities and individuals to meet the climate crisis. The Adaptive Watershed: Training for watershed-based adaptation and management. Building a Climate-Resilient City.